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The most basic and essential elements of our daily lives - from what we eat to where we live to what we hear - are deeply and perpetually affected, not by just the written words of the Constitution of the United States of America, but by the interpretation and application of those words.

How those words are interpreted and applied holds enormous consequence for our liberties and freedoms.  Is the Constitution a "living document" or must the Constitution be interpreted and applied according to the original intent of the Framers?

A Layman's Study of the Original Intent of the Framers

The Institute for Constitutional Policy is pleased to announce that Curtis Coleman's original study, Origins of the Constitution,  a layman's study of the original intent of the Framers, is now available on DVD.  Filmed onsite while being taught by The Institute's founder and chairman, Curtis Coleman, this 12-session non-partisan study is examination of the Framer's original intent and purpose.

Origins of the Constitution includes a description of the original understanding of key Articles and Amendments, and includes an explanation of the current state of the law and its historical development.

The "Origins" examination includes:

  • The evident meaning of key words
  • The meaning of key words at the time they were first written
  • The meaning in comparison with other sections of the Constitution
  • The meaning according to the words by the Framer suggesting the language
  • The meaning in the context of the revolutionary struggle in which they were written
  • How and why it matters to us today.

Without question, the Framers formed a frame of government for "ourselves and our Posterity."  "We the people" includes the generation of the Framers down to and including our own.  It may well be up to us if our Constitution will include our children's generation.

Recommended for high school-age students and older.

The Twelve Sessions of
Origins of the Constitution

Session One:"Context and Interpretation of the Constitution"

Session Two: "The Preamble - The Six Surprising Purposes of the Constitution"

Session Three: "Article One - Only Those Powers Herein Granted"

Session Four: "Article One - One Person, One Vote"

Session Five: "Article One - The Constitution and Slavery"

Session Six: "Article One - The Senate: Elected by State Legislatures or by the People?"

Session Seven: "Article Two, Section One - The Qualifications for the President of the United States"

Session Eight: "Article Two -The President, the Constitution and Executive Orders"

Session Nine: "The First Amendment - Separation of Church and State"

Session Ten: "Amendment Four - The Right of the People to be Secure in Their Persons"

Session Eleven: "The Tenth Amendment - Restoring the Balance of Power"

Session Twelve: "Article Five - Amending the Constitution"

All 12 sessions of Curtis Coleman's Origins of the Constitution: A Layman's Study of the Original Intent of the Framers on DVD at a special low introductory price!